Stovetop caramelized kabocha squash (japanese pumpkin)



  • 1/2 kabocha squash about 1,5 lb
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 cinammon stick medium
  • 5 cloves


40 minutes
  • 1Wash the squash very well.
  • 2Remove the seeds and cut it into quarters - do not remove the skin.
  • 3Place sugar in a flat wide bottom pot over medium heat.
  • 4Stir it from time to time until it melts and it has a medium caramel color.
  • 5Add water carefully as it will boil violently and create a lot of steam.
  • 6Some sugar may harden, just continue stirring until it all melts again.
  • 7Add cinnamon stick and cloves.
  • 8Place squash pieces skin side down and cover the pot.
  • 9Lower the heat (it should still be boiling).
  • 10After 20 minutes, turn squash pieces so the skin is up (flesh down) and simmer for another 20 minutes, covered.
  • 11If the caramel is still runny, remove the squash pieces, increase the heat and let it boil until caramel starts to thicken.
  • 12Return squash to pan (flesh side down) and simmer on low for 5 minutes - caramel should have thickened. Keep an eye so it does not burn.
  • 13Carefully remove squash pieces from the pan and drizzle over with the caramel from the pot.
  • 14Serve warm (as a side) or at room temperature (as dessert).
  • 15
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